Low-Code alkalmazásfejlesztés

The platform based rockstar of development

Art Of Info
THE PLATFORM-BASED ROCKSTAR OF DEVELOPMENTThe terms Low-code / No-code (hereafter LCNC), i.e. codeless software and application development, may sound familiar, since the first predictions were published in the 2000s that…
Mikulás látogatása az ARTofINFO Kft.-nél

Ho-ho-ho! 🎅 Santa was here!

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Santa Claus visited us on December 8, 2023, in the early evening hours. Our employees and their children were waiting excitedly for the momentous occasion to meet him.  The evening…
Szerethető Munkahelyek 2023 - ARTofINFO

Lovable Workplaces Award 2023

Art Of Info
We are honored to be among the Lovable Workplaces Award winners in 2023! ✨ Your feedback means a lot to us, it tells us that we are on the right…
AOI artgallery 2023

Art Gallery 2023 Opening

Art Of Info
We are happy to share that the opening of the Art Gallery was held in our office for the second time! From November 10th 2023, the art productions of Magdolna…
Csapatépítő AOI 2023 Bánk

Team building

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Although it was Friday the 13th, we got into the cars (only by carpooling) and left Budapest. Our team building day was organised at the tourist accommodation named ÖKO-Land, in…
Első AOI galéria

ArtOfInfo Gallery opening

Art Of Info
If an IT company called ArtOfInfo, we shouldn’t to be surprised that they are decorating their office with contemporary paintings. However, what Zoltán Bács the head of software development and…