CIO Hungary 2024 is coming! 

Hungary’s largest IT conference will now be held for the 15th time on May 9-10, 2024, in Eger (Hungary). The two-day event is primarily attended by IT and company managements, as well as senior managers who decide on IT investments and work in the financial or economic fields

We are proud sponsors! 

This year, ARTofINFO is present at the conference not only as participants, but also as supporters. It is a great honor for us that, as a supporter, we can draw attention to the changes affecting the entire IT sector, such as IT security, increased turnover, changing trends in development, and the increasingly difficult delivery of IT projects. 

Day by day, it is becoming more and more challenging for IT managers and company managers to find the best solution to the problems that arise This conference is a great opportunity to share our experiences and acquire tangible tools with which we can build the solutions of the future together! 

During the conference you can visit our booth and get an even closer look at what we do, what services and products we have, as well as how we can provide solutions to various businesses in a wide variety of fields. 

Find the answer to the problems that have arisen, to your new ideas, or just to a question as soon as possible – visit us and take a look around us when you’re there

Learn about Rapid Application Development! 

At the conference, Zoltán Bács, the managing director of ARTofINFO Kft., will also give a presentation titled Change to the inner lane with Rapid Application Development t. We will talk about how low-code / no-code solutions are revolutionizing the way we think about development, why it is worth getting involved and why it is good to switch gears from high code to low-code development. 

Products and applications created in a low-code environment reach the market sooner, and in addition, Low-code provides the opportunity to quickly fulfill sudden demands, as well as reduces the number of technologies required for implementation. Sounds good, right? 

You can find a more detailed description of our presentation in the program of the CIO Hungary 2024 conference! 

 Hurry Up and Be a Part of It! 

The latest IT trends, what is worth paying attention to, how generations and technological changes permeate the profession – and much more will be discussed at this year’s conference! The participants can learn more about where the transformation process is now and can base their future decisions on this. 

Join us at CIO Hungary 2024 and be part of the IT transformation!