Forget the lack of professionals

We help you accomplish the professional challenges

If your company’s digital development is being slowed down by a lack of IT professionals, we can provide an immediate solution!

We’ll help you ensure that the resources you need to grow are always available to support your company’s development and that a lack of capacity doesn’t hinder growth.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Service offers dedicated software developers for your company!

Whichever you choose, the process of growing your team is simple!
We take the recruitment burden off your shoulders!

IT Staff Augmentation

Our service offers dedicated software developers or other experts (testers, business analysts, project managers, scrum masters, IT consultants) for your company.

  • Qualified professionals specializing in software development 
  • Seamless integration into your existing team 
  • Available for specific tasks and duration 

Managed Team

Build a remote, dedicated development team with our Managed Team Service! 

  • Hire a complete development team 
  • A highly skilled and experienced team 
  • Specializing in your company’s product and needs 

Interim Professionals

Interim Professionals for urgent situations! Our team of professionals at ARTofINFO steps in swiftly to provide effective solutions for urgent challenges. Whether it’s an SOS intervention, organizational change, or sudden demand, we’re here to assist:   

  • If SOS intervention is required 
  • In the event of an organizational change or due to a sudden demand 
  • To minimize risks, to support projects and initiatives 
  • Flexible duration: available for one-time needs or longer- term engagements 

The process of expanding the team in 6 steps!

Contact us and let’s talk about your ideas!

Candidate Recommendations within 2-4 weeks, we’ll recommend suitable candidates for your team.  

Interview the candidates! This step allows you to assess their skills, experience, and cultural alignment with your company. 

Choose the most suitable way of cooperation. 

We’ll arrange the contract details and set up the necessary infrastructure for remote work.   

We continue to provide ongoing support to the selected colleague(s). 

More cost-effective than maintaining your own internal IT team.

You’ll receive immediate expert assistance that adapts to your company’s specific requirements.

You will have more time to focus on your company’s core business activities.

IT Staff Augmentation

Unlock the required Skills with Our Experts! We provide you with software developers, testers, automatic testers, business analysts, project managers, scrum masters, IT consultants! 

Don’t compromise on technology—ensure the success of your IT projects!

Many businesses turn to us because they lack software development expertise. We quickly provide the right team of professionals for your business, making it easier for you to achieve your goals. 

Fast and Cost-Effective Recruitment

We quickly find the right candidates. After pre-screening, close cooperation is ensured with your team. We handle HR and administrative tasks, provide a comfortable office environment, and offer ongoing support during the integration of our new colleague.  

Quality Assurance

Beyond maintaining constant communication, we actively monitor the activities of outsourced employees and provide technical and methodological support. Our clients love this approach, as they can also count on the background support of our team not just the expertise of a colleague. 

Managed Team

Unlock Global Success with Our Remote Dedicated Team!

At our core, we think globally and act locally. Our remote dedicated team functions like a flexible collaboration hub—a development centre that adapts seamlessly to your needs. Trust us with your technological projects and expand your team in Hungary, enabling successful scaling across borders. 

Remote Expertise

Remote working and virtual collaboration are coded into us. When needed, we’re available in person at our customers’ premises within hours. 

Anywhere, Anytime

Our cloud-based infrastructure allows us to work from anywhere. We provide essential tools and security measures.   

Predictable Costs and Flexibility

  • We build your team according to your needs. 
  • We adapt to the most specific circumstances. 
  • We offer a transparent pricing plan. 

Regular Reports and Transparency

Daily reports keep you informed about completed tasks. We collaborate within your code base, ensuring progress tracking. Our team is always accessible. 

We take the burden off your shoulders!

We operate as if we were your internal team, handling administrative, HR, legal, and infrastructural matters. Recruitment, hardware, and software insurance? Leave it to us! 

Meet Our Clients

Free consultation

We offer a free consultation workshop with our experts to find out exactly how we can support your business!