After our successful team building day last fall, we decided to organise our next team-building event at the beginning of summer this year. We chose the ÖKO-Land accommodation in Bánk this year too, where we received a warm welcome. 

Our Corporate Values and Mission Workshop

While the main topic of last year’s team building was to improve our communications skills, this year Gyöngyi Janky marketing and communication consultant gave us a short presentation, which was followed by a small group session, where we could discuss ARTofINFO’s company values and mission in depth with the colleagues. 

Voluntary Work

After catching up with both old and new colleagues, we began on our after-lunch activity: voluntary work. Our teambuilding day was aligned with the company’s new corporate objective to help wherever we can. ÖKO-Land, situated on a spacious property close to nature, even boasts a small stream running through it. Our tasks included painting, gardening, and cleaning, all under the guidance of our host. A small group of us prepared dinner—a welcome relief after a hard day’s work. Despite occasional downpours on the cloudy day, we resumed our tasks once the rain subsided. 

Moments of Community Well-BEING

We waited out the end of the rain under the cover of the terrace, where we talked, and a fierce ping-pong competition ensued. Our host willingly provided a gas burner for cooking, so that it was not even worth bothering with the fire. 

After the evening dinner, we announced a quiz night, we played short games of skill with smaller teams, the most skilful winners also received a prize. The highlight of the evening was the QUIZ itself, where we challenged each other with difficult questions related to our company. Laughter and conversation filled the room, and the next day, everyone enjoyed freshly baked french toast. 

Expressions of Gratitude

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our hosts for their availability and assistance, which contributed to the smoothness of our team building day. Moreover we hope for another opportunity to visit and assist around the house.  

We also thank Gyöngyi Janky and the ARTofINFO Management for involving us in discussions about our company’s values and mission. By seeking our opinions, listening and evaluating, they’ve made it so that we are on the same page, and now these values can guide us in our everyday work. Our commitment to ARTofINFO’s values, including responsibility, fellowship, customer focus, well-being, excellence, and trust, helped make this day meaningful. 

Although our next team building day is still distant, we look forward to additional community events and programs throughout the year! 

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