It’s no wonder that low-code application development is gaining more attention. By now, low-code platforms have also evolved significantly, becoming more reliable in terms of software development and delivery.
The growing demand for software products, and the increased pace that is required during development caused low-code platforms to evolve, meaning they are now more reliable, while also becoming more widely accepted.

What is required for low code application development?

Mindset Shift 

The shift toward low-code development impacts not only software developers but also business partners. It’s crucial that stakeholders are prepared to embrace solutions created using this approach, responding more swiftly than in traditional software delivery. 

Training and Support 

Picking up the necessary skills required for low-code development is not nearly as complex or time consuming as learning the equivalent skillset in high code, i.e. traditional coding would be. By thoroughly understanding the platform and receiving adequate support, teams can effectively utilize the available tools. 

Well-Defined Business Processes 

The success of software development usually depends on whether the business processes for which the solution is designed are properly assessed. Low-code development is also efficient because it allows you to quickly modify your original ideas or try out new ones during the design process. It takes less time to implement due to the nature of this technology. Lengthy specifications are no longer necessary. 

Well Organized Teams 

In low-code projects, well-organized teams — often referred to as fusion teams in Mendix application development — are essential. This team includes business analysts, developers, and testers, all contributing to project success and product delivery. 

Platform Selection 

Choose a low-code platform that aligns with your project’s needs. It is important that the platform supports the desired functions and integrations and has the right security features. Scalability is also critical.   

Our Choice is Mendix ®

The Mendix low-code application development platform was designed so that complex applications can be quickly created with it, regardless of industry or company size. 

In cooperation with ARTofINFO and Mendix, we can provide you with company-level solutions, and help you create robust web and mobile applications, quickly and seamlessly. 

Our experience with the Mendix platform ensures that these solutions are suitable for changing needs and can be easily adapted later. 

If you already have an existing software and want to improve it, that is also possible! We can also provide assistance with the integration of third-party systems, so that your development made on the Mendix platform can be easily connected to your existing devices and systems. 

All that’s left is the right decision! Hurry up, get in the inner lane and contact us today! 

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