We are happy to share with you that we also became Mendix partners this year!

Mendix is a Low-code/No-code platform, which was created in 2005 in order to develop business applications quickly and efficiently. It is no coincidence that Siemens also recognized its potential, and after Mendix joined Siemens, more than 450 applications were built. (source: www.mendix.com)

It’s no wonder, that Low-code application development is becoming more and more popular, as more and more companies recognize its hidden potential. Incredibly fast and business-oriented, while also providing excellent quality and cost optimization.

Get to know the Mendix platform!

Compared to classic programming, using the Mendix platform is significantly easier and simpler, as pre-made components and templates help you easily design or customize your existing or future systems. Based on ARTofINFO and industry experience, the speed of development is five to eight times faster than a traditional programming approach. What used to take months has now been shortened to weeks.

By expanding our service portfolio, we strive to get even more out of ourselves and thus out of your business!

If you are curious about what  Mendix application development can offer you, if you would like to entrust your business processes to an excellent team, then sign up for a consultation with us in person or even online! ,

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