Mastercard Future Unlocked conference

On 22 November, Mastercard hosted the Future Unlocked conference at the Millenáris in Budapest. During this event, a number of speakers and experts
sought to provide answers to the challenges of an increasingly digital world from a marketing and business perspective.

The event featured three series of presentations, namely the Future of Cyber, the Future of Marketing and the Future of Open Banking, where
experts of different fields had the opportunity to present, bainstorm and share ideas. The Future of Cyber program focused on cybersecurity,
with speakers discussing current trends, AI-based prevention solutions and future cybersecurity methods.
The Future of Marketing program showcased the opportunities offered by machine learning and AI in marketing, while The Future of Open Banking
illustrated the new perspectives opened up by open banking in the current market environment through concrete examples.

The Future of Open Banking lecture series also included an analysis of the Hungarian market situation, followed by use cases and implementation reports by a number of Hungarian and foreign company representatives, including Ferenc Décsi, CEO and co-founder of Nyíltbankolás Zrt., which offers pioneering account information service (AIS) solutions. We at ArtOfInfo are also proud of the successes achieved so far, both as an owner and as the technology development partner of Nyíltbankolás Zrt.
This event was a good opportunity to get more up-to-date information and gain more hands-on experience regarding hot topics in open banking, as we plan to further expand our company’s services in the banking and finance sector.

Mastercard Future Unlocked Konferencia