The terms Low-code / No-code (hereafter LCNC), i.e. codeless software and application development, may sound familiar, since the first predictions were published in the 2000s that the number of applications developed using this approach would increase exponentially. We believe that this prediction is becoming reality! 😊

The automation of our manual processes goes back a long way in the history of mankind, so it is not surprising that all industries are now striving to make the most of the opportunities provided by IT. This is how LCNC has now become part of the digital strategy of every business sector.

Low-Code alkalmazásfejlesztés

Enrich the digital customer journey by simplifying application development.

What is Low-Code-Development?

The work process itself is best compared to a jigsaw puzzle, that is, applications can be developed by selecting and combining already existing modules and components on an intuitive graphical interface. The pursuit of No- codegoes even further, as it allows business users without technical training to digitize their processes.

LCNC offers the following benefits to your company:

  • Quick adaptation to changes.
  • The time spent on building automated solutions is significantly reduced, since a new product does not need to be created from scratch. Instead, it can leverage the existing functions of a platform.
  • The time required to learn the methodology is a fraction of what training a traditional programmer would be.
  • It provides a solution to bridge the ever-increasing labor shortage of software developers.
  • More time remains for creative processes.
  • The focus shifts to solving business problems rather than technical implementation.
  • The platform guarantees a higher level of data protection and security.
  • Digital products and services reach the market faster.
  • Installation of new versions of applications becomes available with the click of a button.
  • Development costs are reduced due to the shorter development time.
  • Greater agility, where feedback is possible even from the early stages of the development process.
  • Low-risk and cost-saving testing of the board model of new applications.
  • Since no developer knowledge is required to create applications, it can be made available to employees within the company.

We recommend the use of Low-code solutions at your company if corporate digitization is important to you, and aside from being up to date you also want to be efficient in today’s fierce market competition, while improving customer experience and employee satisfaction.