Nearshore IT Outsourcing

Manage dedicated developers as your own virtual nearshore employees! Consider the advantages working in this model!


  • Geographical proximity

    Reach our customers within 1-2 hours flying time

  • Same time zone


  • Cost reduction

    Cost reduction: competitive hourly rates

  • Managed team

    Excellent team spirit, low fluctuation rate

  • Transparent operation

    Daily status meetings, working into common repository, easy to check daily progress

  • Niche technologies

    We will setup a team to support niche or legacy software environments

  • Improving efficiency

    Nearshore teams will work as sub-teams of your large project to some extent and will add flexibility to your development process

  • Compensation on staff shortage

    We can start testing this model even with 1 outsourced resource

  • Similar culture and mindset

    Hungary during its existence of a thousand years has always been an integral part of the European value community


We are offering dedicated resources to your organisations to hire with experience on .NET, Java and mobile technologies: Developers, Web Designers, Project Managers, Architects, Business Analysts, Testers, System Engineers and Mobile application developers are available.

Hire dedicated resources from us and manage them as your own virtual offshore employees!

Several examples how we work together with our partners:

  • Providing a managed team of 7 AI experts for a Dutch telecom partner for predictive Failure Analysis using Machine Learning technologies
  • Participation in ERP Product Development for a German partner by providing .NET software developers and testers
  • Providing Test Manager and Test Automation Engineers for a Medical Service provider
  • Outsourcing Database Reporting / Business Intelligence related activities (analysis of requirements, building Data Warehouse, development reporting front-end in Power BI)

Resource Skills/Technologies:

  • ASP.NET Programmers: Our .NET programmers have strong expertise working with ASP.NET 3.5, .NET (MVC-3), C#, VB.NET, PL/SQL, WCF, SharePoint, Visual Studio development environment.
  • Java Programmers: Our Java programmers have strong experience working with Spring, STS, Javascript, TypeScript, AngularJS, node.js, Eclipse development environment among others.
  • Mobile App Developers: Our mobile app developers have strong expertise working with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows and cross-platform mobile applications (Cordova, Ionic).

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