Workflow implementation and self-service process setup

Businesses of all size can realize significant savings simply by incorporating business process automation tools into their IT systems. Implementing workflows in order to automate any business processes or digitize previously paperbased activities can be expensive, time consuming and programming labor intensive using traditional software tools.

Chronos Systems has developed the Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP), a flexible but powerful and highly user friendly solution that can help you cut workflow implementation time by 50-70 percent compared to custom development projects or other tools currently on the market. The CWP enables users to create workflows without major programming/technical input.

This workflow building tool has already helped streamline and digitize front and back office business processes of several Fortune 500 corporations in Europe and USA. The CWP is accessible via browser and requires no installation on desktop level.

Features    Business benefits
  • Guide daily business activities with clear, step by step, collaborative work and tasks
  • Track and report when, by whom and how long a task is performed
  • Create WordMerge documents from any eForm data
  • Add E-Signatures to important documents
  • Trigger tasks and jobs based on data, date or event
  • Automatic escalation and email noticifation
  • Enable the system-driven actions - anywhere, anytime
  • Compliance by system-driven business activities following corporate policies, standards and procedures
  • Your ToDo list shows the incomplete and priority tasks
  • Increase consistency - less email flows, less paper trails or human errors
  • Check and improve on processes and staff performance

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Technical features of Chronos Workflow Platform